Multiple applications in a single eco-friendly product


Nidoboard is printable on both the sides and therefore is perfectly adaptable for displays, totems and exhibitors for preparations of showcases but also for fair stands and temporary events.
The elevated quality of the Nidoboard allows besides the direct press and silk-screen printing, the shapings performed with cut plotter or with laser technology, the incision to 45°, the milling, the impression and the edging.
The peculiar characteristic applications of the Nidobard are the facility of cut and the rigidity of the panel that make the panel the right product for the creation of furnishing objects even with complex and articulated outlines allowing folding up to 90° and 180°.

The workmanships can be performed both with the cut plotter and with laser technology also allowing the incision 45°, the milling, the impression and the edging. For the cut both utensils to fixed blade and oscillating can be employed according to the thickness of the product.
The first one allows the client a precise and rapid cut within contained thicknesses while the use of an oscillating blade
doesn’t have limits of thickness but it needs more times for the cut.

So the possible works are therefore manifold and adaptable to the demands of the clients, allowing to transform the panel in creative and original ways. Its valuable characteristics of: recycleness, versability, printability, lightness, elevated plain and resistance, have allowed the Tivuplast to supply the sectors of the visual communication of design
and of the production of echo-sustainable furnishings.

Finally for its many characteristics the Nidoboard is a valid echo-compatible alternative, in comparison to the traditional supports realized with plastic materials.


Cut of the stamped Nidoboard,
for the creation of a final product.


Example of hesachromia press
on Nidoboard White. Elevated quality
of resolution: technology to direct press.